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Our Passion For What We Do Transfers Into Our Services

Our philosophy is simple, if it is not below market value, we simply don’t buy it

Access to Below Market Value Properties

The Property Club specializes in acquiring below market value properties with good monthly rental income yields for medium to long term investments. So many people we have spoken to really want to invest in property, but they don’t have the time or the resources to find the right deals. When you partner with The Property Club, you take care of the finances and we do EVERYTHING else.

Benefit from our expertise and relational capital

With 18 years of hands on property experience, we know how to analyse properties and we inspect every single property before we buy. We have an extensive track record of successful property investment deals. The key relationships necessary to ensure a hassle free investment experience for our clients, are already place.

For many people the mere thought of investing in property is daunting and scary, because:

  • What does the right property look like?
  • Where do you find a property like that?
  • How can you find it below market value?
  • What is the best way to fund or finance the property?
  • Which lawyers can I trust to effect transfer of the property?
  • How do I do an eviction?
  • How do I repair or upgrade the property?
  • Where do I find the perfect tenant?
  • How do I do a background check on the tenant?
  • How do I manage my tenant?
  • What if the tenant does not pay me every month?
  • What if the tenant damages the property while he lives there / when he moves out?
  • How long do I keep the property?
  • How do I know the market is right to sell for maximum profit?

The benefit of partnering with The Property Club is that we take care of all the What if’s and the How to’s and provide a basic simple plug and play system. We strive to give safe, secure and profitable investment opportunities to all our clients.

Wouter le Grange

Wouter le Grange

Founder and Chairman

He developed a passion for property when he bought his first investment property at age 21. His career in property started as being a real estate agent and was a principle of his own real estate agency at a very young age. Since then he has been actively investing in property and a passion to help others achieve financial freedom. Wouter have been actively involved in the property industry for the past 18 years. In that time we bought and sold more than 1000 properties in South Africa. We use our property investment experience to help our clients unlock profits in the long run. We have extensive experience in sourcing, analyzing and renovating properties.

Marinda le Grange

Marinda le Grange


She strongly believes that passive income is the solution to time-bankruptcy many people are facing on a daily basis. Her wish is that more people can experience time and money freedom through passive income. She is a property professional and believes that property is the right vehicle to achieve this.

Danie Pienaar

Danie Pienaar

Public Relations and Operations Director

Danie is a passionate family man who loves people. He is a driven property investor and finds fulfilment in helping people create a lasting legacy through property investments.

Christelle Pienaar

Christelle Pienaar

Branding and Marketing

With her design degree and experience in marketing, she knows the digital environment never sleeps, always informs and connects. For her, the significant advantage of The Property Club is a community with core fundamentals, trust, and long-term relationships that are connected. ``I was drawn to the authenticity of The Property Club.`` – Christelle

By far the best team I've ever worked with. I would highly recommend them as a company, you simply just won't find any better team!

Rico Hattingh